Today school, Tomorrow the world…

The ADGIS 2013 class of Selkirk College is preparing to make the big step out of the education system and into the real world… Out of the frying pan and into the fire?  I sure hope not, and I am very confident that we are more than prepared to not only enter into the work force but excel in it!  And if we get lost or disoriented at any point we will always have GIS to show us the way!  “Life isn’t a destination, but a journey!”

And I look forward to seeing all of you along the way!



What is GIS?

“What is GIS?” is a question I have been asked several times since entering into the GIS world.  It is not a simple question to answer, because GIS is a very complex and wide ranging tool, and it can be utilized across almost all industries in an exponential number of ways… To better answer this seemingly simple question, I suggest consulting the experts at ESRI: